Manufacturer Part Number: SA-P313-BK

Part Type: Faucet

Brand: ProCamp

Spray-Port Faucet with quick connect (4″ OC not for Hot/Cold box)

A faucet only version of the Hot/Cold Spray-Port without the hatch box. Used primarily in outdoor kitchens manufactured by Keystone RV and many others.  Also used in “water center” applications in a box with the water control valves.

This faucet is a slightly larger version of the Hot/Cold faucet and is 4” OC with a 2” shank. Hook-ups are 1/2″ NPT thread.
NOTE:  This faucet will not fit into the Hot/Cold Spray-port unit hatch box. Please purchase the entire Hot/Cold Port unit to replace that faucet.
These faucets are easily damaged by freezing if not properly drained per instructions. In this case the entire faucet should be replaced.
Weight: 1.0 lb
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