Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Manufacturer Part Number: PVCKIT9510

Part Type: Rubber Roof

Brand: Procamp

RV PVC Rubber Roof Kit

You will receive:
1 Continuous Piece of Rubber W/ Measurements of 9.5' X 10'
4 Tubes of White Self Leveling Sealant
1 Gallon of Rubber Roof Glue
30' Buytl/Putty Tape

Material is .027" Thick
Tear & Puncture Resistant Material

The rubber will be shipped folded not rolled. It is important to unpack the rubber when you receive it and lay it out flat.
Install shiny side up

There are no instructions included. There are many resources available online how to install rubber roof membrane.
Weight: 0.0 lb
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